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Positron Inc. created in 1997. Is an acknowledged IT company, focused on internet services and the production of software. Positron use latest technology and provide to the customers complete solutions that cover a wide range of services, such as:

  • Web development and design, which cover solutions, from the construction company presentations to development of e-business (on-line databases, on-line booking systems) and the design and implementation [ενημερωτικών, πληροφοριακών και εμπορικών πυλών στο δίκτυο Internet (Portals)] using the latest technologies for presentation and management of content in products and platforms strategic partners.

In order to have easy maintenance of web sites, Positron has developed an application, content management, Positron CMS which is based on the dynamic presentation of webs with the usage of database. There is no need of extra knowledge for the use of Positron CMS. Update, change, replace and import content can be done from the client’s staff with basic knowledge of secretarial support with the usage of a web browser  (ex. Microsoft@ Internet Explorer) and through proper electronic forms. Detailed presentation of Positron CMS, follows in the next paragraph.

  • Positron creates e-shops using advanced systems, such as Magneto, PrestaShop, Virtuemart etc. which are adapted to the needs of every company.
  • Web Hosting with many technologies based on the needs of user. Offered solutions contain technologies Microsoft Windows and Linux.
  • With the on-line service in our web-site, we registrate domain names with .gr endings and .com, .net, .ord, .eu, .tv, .info, .biz, .name, .co, .uk, .org, .de, as Registration Service Provider (RSP), after contract with the Canadian company “ Inc”. More specifically Positron S.A. can register Top level domains -TLD as a reseller and collaborator of Inc
  • Supply applications that covers all the needs of a company for the central connection to the internet and the protection from external attackers (Wingate proxy server and firewall), management of e-mail (MDeamon mail server) and also, protection from viruses and massive message downloading (antivirus & antispam for MDaemon).
  • Consulting services. Positron follows the development of technology and provide consulting services and proposes full solutions, increasing the production capabilities of clients. 



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