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E-commerce application TomatoCart

TomatoCart is an open-source solution for online shoppping, developed by Ellotec Technology Co.It is an offspring of osCommerce 3 but developed as a stand-alone project. TomatoCart is one of the best online shopping solutions in the market.tomatocart-transparent


  • ExtJS Rich Enviroment for Online Applications. The Admin Panel for TomatoCart was created from scratch and is based on Ext JS which is cross-browser Javascript library, to allow the development of rich Online Applications. It includes many high quality, customizable widgets UI to simplify the proccess of creating Web Content through applications.
  • Multiwindow Enviroment. The Web desktop appplication allows the users to simultaneously open many windows, to allow them to work with many different parts of the software at the same timeς, such as customers, products and orders, all together.



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