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E-Shop Design

E-shop Design - Development

An e-shop is like your normal physical store. People come and go and should be satisfied with what they see and hear from others, and also get to know and trust your products or services. Its built up to be for professionals interested in acquiring and managing their own internet store, without the need for extensive programming knowledge. In essence, it is an automated, dynamic system that manages electronic transactions for your products or services. Its management is very simple, practically identical to a CMS, and our dedicated Positron personel will guide you through every learning step.

We have worked with the most well-known open systems such as Virtue-Mart, Prestashop, Magento, Tomato Cart, Uber Cart and many more. We are able and available to handle all new programming methods and systems and analyze for your best needs and applications.

We give attention to the design and look-and-feel of your eshop because that is the first and the last thing a customer will see and visit when he needs a product or services from you and also a potentional customer will appreciate.

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