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Difference between Shared - Vps - Dedicated


Differences between servers.


Servers to any hosting provider, are divided into the following categories:


  • Shared Server Hosting


  • Virtual Private Server Hosting


  • Dedicated Server Hosting


The above categories, are usually portions of the same service and are divided in order to reduce the cost of each server, in order not to bear all the cost of an entire server - system to the final customer, when he is only asking to host a website or a database.

 Shared Hosting Packets

This packets are for customers with low or medium moving, who wants to run from a simple website to a typical e-shop. They can serve several users at the same time, under a variety of capabilities and benefits.

In the case of Shared Hosting, server is divided into multiple isomer pieces, where many customers have access in the shared resources of Server and all together, they cover the costs of using the Server’s telecommunication connection and the costs of it’s maintenance and repair in case of damages.  In contrast to VPS packages and Dedicated Server, Server management is done by us, i.e. the service provider that gives you web hosting.

Generally, there is not any specific limit for how many guests can fit a server. This is depends on the available resources of each Server, but most common is about 100 clients per Server. A server which intended for shared hosting may have many limitations that specified in the judgment of each hosting provider.(??) For instance,  it can have limited connection line with the other server from the same provider or of the rest world, have restrictions for the applications that may be running on the server, have restrictions on sending and receiving e-mails per hour etc. Depending on the traffic that client believes that he is going to have and the resources that he may need to support his website, he choose a hosting package from the provider and so thus he reduce even more the cost of his page.  In any case, if customer exceeds these resources, depending on your hosting provider, either is going to make a proposal to move to packet with greater resources  or is going to not allow use temporarily the server. All web hosting providers take a daily backup in certain hours of your data (usually at off-peak hours) and you have the right any time you want ask to have a backup or you can do it by yourself through a very easy and friendly management interface of each hosting.

If the resources in hosting are over used on Shared Hosting Packets, provider has the right to terminate this/ these application / applications or even terminate your account in order to maintain the smooth operation of the server for all the clients who shared.


VPS packets

Are for customers and applications with higher requirements, both in traffic as concern the user’s requests and the demands of the same application from the server. These packets are the intersection between shared hosting packages and dedicated servers. In addition, in case that you want to use a very specialized application that is not covered by a simple shared hosting packet, but you also don’t want to have the cost of a leased server, this is the solution.

In case of VPS packages, you manage a shared server’s piece that usually it hosts a very small number of customers and in this piece set exactly what the application requires you to run and you can’t do on a simple shared hosting package.  Restrictions like resources interconnector of processors and/or RAM are past and depending on the packet you choose you get even more features to them. Other limitations that used to exists in simple packages such as decreased movement of e-mails per hour for use in e.g. Newsletters, are now past.

In our VPS Server there is not any kind of downtime, something that may easily happen in case of Shared Hosting, because server is shared to several clients and the unique downtime depends on your own application or from its management or in case that have chosen wrong coverage characteristics of your application. If those are not enough and you want to have an upgrade, it only takes 1-2 days to response time.

But you need to pay attention because there are 2 types of VPS Servers:

  • VPS Server that we are manage them.
  • VPS Server where can manage them by the client.

In the first one, the operating system setup, the almost daily backups etc. are done by us and the only thing that you have to do is to give us your application and install it in our unique environment. At any problem about your VPS Server we are going to be there and fix it. While, in the second, everything you have to do it by yourself. From the operating system setup till the problem solving. We are responsible to give you the passwords of the service and after that, you decide how to manage the server.


Dedicated Server Packages

Those packets are intended for customers and applications with maximum requirements or specialized requirements that can not be covered by the previous packages. In these cases, we have exclusive rented server. There, we have the ability to run whatever application we want. Essentially, it is like we have a normal server which is loaded on our operating system, software or application, but it is in as different place from the customer site, usually in specialized datacenters designed to host servers customers. In addition, we can utilize its resources for everything we want to achieve, from Gaming Servers that support networked games till hosting multiple and complex sites and databases.  We can just as easily also, utilize them to have pieces of our business in remote locations, in cases where we need to access on files/ email of server from wherever you are.  In addition, we can create solutions for web hosting and resell services to third party customers related to our subject. The possibilities really are endless for how it could be exploited a package like that and limited only by your imagination. The monthly charge can seem excessive, but it is not in no case, if we consider in these costs and the cost of interconnection with other servers with speeds that touch 1Gbit/s while as the cost of space and maintenance for the hosting server. Moreover, you don’t share with no one else this server and its usage dedicated only to you. In that case, also exists managed and un-managed servers, but usually selected un-managed solutions for safer and more appropriate management of the server from the staff of the client. 

Operating Systems

In shared hosting packages, the most common used operating systems are Windows Server and Linux Servers, specifically distributions such as Debian Linux, CentOS and CloudLinux. which are distributions with greater stability and flexibility, pieces which are necessary to Servers. In VPS packages even if we can install whenever operating system we want, usually, the most common used among the Windows Server core are also Linux distributions like CentOS and CloudLinux since there is already an installed base for almost any problem that may arise. Of course we have the ability to install the operating system of our choice as long as you know that is going to support correctly the individual pieces of the VPS hardware. In Dedicated Server packages, we can put what really may need our application and usually chosen because they can support custom Java applications or for applications that relay on Oracle Application Servers etc. Also here, we can install the operating system that you want with the only requirement to be supported the server’s hardware from this.


Finally, in our company, in whatever package you want, we will be by your site to select correctly and above all economic your choice, always based on your needs. Please feel free to ask us any questions you may have, via Live Chat, Email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone.

This article was written by Mr. Simo Kapsali, technician- programmer of Positron, on behalf of company and for every copy of this document should have gotten in advance approval for republication, simply contacting us with an email.

Thank you.



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