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SEO utilizes many tools in different fields to analyze a website, and optimize it for better search results. The team here at Positron is trained in the proper use of these tools to bring out the best result possible. Our SEO services include:


  • Key-Word Analysing:

Analysing the keyword density and relevance of a website can potentially bring about a dramatic change in your search results from any given search engine. We here at Positron use professional tools to analyze and optimize your website for the best possible search results that can naturally occur.


  • Meta-Tag Analysing:

As with keywords, meta-tags play an important role when it comes to search results. While invincible to the users, meta-tags are used by search engines to link relevance to your site. We will analyze your website and modify the meta-tags accordingly, for optimal search results.


  • Website Analysing:

The most basic, but still important, part of a website analysis, it's the process to ensure a website is "error-free". We will methodically scan your website to ensure optimal browsing speed from your clients as well as optimal performance in even the most basic hardware.



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