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Web portal site

Portal is a website, which leads to different destinations on the internet, gathering various information.

This portal, may lead the user at the same time to many different points of interest, such as search engines, news, e-mail services, entertainment topics, social media, advertisements etc.

Some of the most popular Portals are,, .

Today, companies turning their interest on PortalSites, which constitute one of the most widespread, rapid and effective methods of success.

A portal can’t be successful if it fails to combine their visitors with content and advertisers. In that way, when a Portal is elegant and contain interesting content, automatically becomes attractive to visitors, which with their daily visits, create a high rate of traffic, absolutely necessary for the attraction of advertisers.

Beside, who would decide to get advertised to a Portal with low or zero traffic?

Some of the basic elements of Online Thematic Portals, are:

  • The ability of easy navigation and quick search for information.
  • The stylish and attractive presentation of themes(?).
  • The easy and simple management of content.
  • The promotion on search engines (SEO)
  • The full utilization of the advantages of Social Media.
  • The alternative forms of advertising (Banners).
  • The quick and easy adding and removing of functions.(?)
  • Projecting into other thematic portals.

Web Portals usually based on CMS (Content Management System) platforms and provides to administrator the ability to refresh their contents quickly and easy.

With our long experience in similar platforms, POSITRON can easily, quick and especially with low budget , develop your own Portal, according to the characteristics and needs of each customer.



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